Energy Efficient Lighting

Retrofitting With A Power Miser

When you’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader, you work hard to keep it. If you’re a utility, that reputation is built on low-cost, high-output generation and transmission of power.

Now translate that into an office retrofit. If you’re Utilicorp Networks Canada, you want the most energy-efficient lighting system available.

Utilicorp The utility’s retrofit of its Calgary office is the first major project in Canada to use a new state-of-the-art technology that provides the most energy-efficient linear fluorescent lighting system currently available for high-tech office environments.

The design utilizes the Sylvania PENTRON T5-HO fluorescent lamp and QUICKTRONIC electronic ballast system in a totally indirect light fixture from Linear Lighting (represented in Alberta by Richard McDonald & Associates).

The lighting system, designed by Brent W. Maitson of Calgary-based Cochrane Engineering Ltd., produces excellent general illumination for reading and manual tasks while maintaining a perfect environment for working on computer CRT displays. But here’s the other half of the story: the unprecedented efficiency of the general lighting system produces an average of 450-Lux using a miserly 0.75 watts of electrical power per square foot of floor area.

Where to buy an energy-efficient ambient lighting system that is a key mandate for this high profile, four-floor, 8,000 square metre retrofit. The CRT intensive environment and low ceilings (2.64 metres) suggested a 100 percent indirect lighting design.

The limitations of conventional light sources also created a challenge.

The concept

Stringent design and performance criteria — in addition to maximum energy efficiency — included – compatibility with the office’s refined architectural features, and – low glare and veiling reflection minimization.

Utilicorp 2 A low profile luminary was chosen to compliment the refined architectural features. In a first for any major project in Canada, a luminary with a single T5 HO lamp, matched electronic ballast and advanced optical system was used.

The luminary’s unique lines and perceived dimensions enhance the office architecture. Its colour blends neutrally into this semi-virtual environment. The illumination produced brings out the rich architectural accents and fulfils the client’s technical colour identification requirements.

An aesthetically pleasing luminary alignment was achieved despite – a ceiling grid 45 degrees to the major building axis – a variety of areas including cubicles, modular and fixed meeting rooms, and boardroom – curved interior demising walls, and – an ultra modern open-concept plan.

The performance outcome of Energy Efficient Lighting

The selected system, installed on time and on budget, generated the following results: – 450 lux horizontal average maintained – 5:1 ceiling to floor uniformity on vertical surfaces – 6:1 ceiling uniformity – 2.15 meters fixture bottom to finished floor, and – energy effectiveness of 7.5 watts per m²(~0.75w/ft²)

As for maintenance, the lamps and ballasts have a two- and five-year warranty, respectively, and are stepladder accessible, and the reflector/ballast cover is removable with two screws.

The project was so successful that Brent Maitson earned two local IIDA awards for interior lighting design and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the project has been nominated for regional and possible international recognition.

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